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Pallet Racking Systems Made by Mecalux

Purchase Interlake Mecalux products from Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Interlake Mecalux has been the leading manufacturer of storage rack in North and South America for over 40 years.  From basic carton and pallet storage to the most complex order picking operations, no one offers a broader range of products and services to help customers like you reduce costs, increase sales and improve productivity, and we stock the area’s largest selection of sizes, gauges and accessories for Interlake Mecalux. 

We offer installation on all products we sell including Pallet Racking. Contact us with any questions.

Pallet Racking Systems


Purchase selective pallet rack products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Interlake Mecalux’s roll formed selective rack products provides total accessibility to the product. Both popular and durable, this racking system provides versatility for warehouses that have a wide variety of product types. It is manufactured from high-strength steel and other quality raw materials, which are certified to meet our stringent specifications.

Interlake Mecalux’s Selective Pallet Rack is roll formed and available with bolted or welded frame configurations. Beams are mounted to the frame and secured in place with piston lock connector. This allows the beams to be seated securely without the risk of accidental disengagement and enables easy reconfigurations when necessary.


  • Direct access to each pallet
  • Simple stock management
  • The most popular and versatile racking system in the industry
  • Adapts to any product volume, weight or size


Purchase pallet flow rack products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Pallet Flow Racking is a first-in/first-out, versatile and efficient storage and retrieval system for full pallets. The standard design allows for up to four pallets deep in each lane.

Separate stocker (charge) and picker (discharge) aisles enhance efficiency while gravity flow helps ensure that picking faces are always fully stocked by moving pallets forward towards the picking lane as empty pallets are removed from the system. A variety of wheel and rail options are available.


  • Ideal for material with expiration dates
  • Produces an almost solid volume of usable storage space
  • Provides savings in space, manpower and utilities
  • Ideal for freezer warehouses and food distribution centers


Purchase push back rack products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Push-Back Rack is designed for high-density, multiple-product storage situations, combining excellent selectivity and a maintenance-free design. This versatile system uses nesting carriages to store pallets up to five deep, providing multiple pick facing with extremely high throughput, and minimizing required access aisles.

As each pallet is loaded, it’s place don a free-rolling carriage that is pushed back into the system by loading additional pallets. When unloading, gravity moves the pallets forward to the aisle on the telescoping carriages, eliminating the need for reaching or driving into the rack.


  • Its compactness allows maximum capacity
  • Provides product accessibility and selectivity
  • Sturdy construction affords years of maintenance-free operation
  • Maintains cleanliness; the debris-free design is perfect for food applications


Purchase drive thru rack products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

The Drive-In/Drive Thru system maximizes the use of space within a warehouse, allowing for the storage of large pallet quantities of comparable products. Products stored in a loading lane should have the same SKU to avoid unnecessary pallet handling.


  • Last in, first out & first in, first out configurations
  • Reduces space, lowers cost and holds more loads with deep lane storage
  • Ideal for warehouses with high volume and low SKU numbers
  • Minimizes required number of access aisles
  • Provides control over entry and exit
  • Designed around the combination of your pallets and forklifts


Purchase structural pallet rack products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Combining specially designed structural frames with horizontal load beams, Structural Selective Rack provides the same product versatility and easy pallet access as standard roll formed selective rack, while also accommodating heavy loads. The rack’s components can be used in multiple configurations including Selective Pallet Rack, Drive-In/Drive Thru, Push-Back and more.


  • Structural beams can hold 70 percent more than normal roll-formed beams
  • Can be adapted to fit with roll-formed beams for an economic structural alternative
  • Compatible with both welded and bolted frames
  • Structural frames and beams are applicable for a range of products.


Purchase carton flow rack products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Caron Flow is a rack system that allows first-in, first-out order picking of full cartons and single items. The slightly inclined wheel roller platforms use gravity to move the carton to the picker, saving 25% to 75% in labor over static systems. Separate stocker and picker aisles as well as permanently stocked picking faces enhance efficiency. This high visibility helps prevent out-of-stock situations, while Interlake Mecalux’s exclusive clipless track and guide system speeds assembly and reconfigurations.


  • Durable, damage-resistant construction increases strength, safety and life span
  • Organize fast and slow movers for maximum efficiency
  • Clip-less track and guide system speeds assembly and reconfigurations
  • Maintains cleanliness and the debris-free design is perfect for food applications

Wire Decking from Nashville Wire

Purchase Nashville Wire products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

 We carry Nashville Wire Products because they offer solutions for all of your pallet racking needs. With a broad array of configurations, you can rely on us to provide quality wire decks that perform wherever you need them.


Purchase cantilever rack products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Cantilever Rack is a medium to heavy-duty storage solution for large, long or irregular shaped loads. As the name suggests, the rack features load bearing arms that are anchored to a large column at one end, leaving the picking face unimpeded by structural elements. Cantilever Rack comes with many available accessories to create a fully customizable, safe and effective storage system.


  • Wide range of load capacities for both standard and seismic applications
  • Center column design creates unlimited horizontal space
  • Fully customizable


Purchase pallet shuttle products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Interlake Mecalux’s high-density, semi-automated pallet storage and retrieval system makes it easier to load and unload goods thanks to an electric cart called Pallet Shuttle.

The forklift sets the load atop the Pallet Shuttle, which then moves along the track to deposit the load in the correct location. Pallet Shuttle has shorter unload times for pallets and can retrieve them and bring them to the aisle entrance, so the forklift does no have to enter the lane. This optimizes space by compacting pallets with different widths inside the channels while it minimizes heights between levels.


  • Maximizes productivity
  • Reduced reliance on forklifts inside lanes helps prevent rack damage
  • Optimizes space by compacting pallets with different widths inside the channels
  • Height between levels is minimized


Purchase Movirack pallet systems at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

With the Movirack system, shelving units become more compact and their storage capacity considerable increases, without sacrificing direct access to any item in stock.

The shelving units are installed over guided mobile bases that slide laterally eliminating the need for multiple fixed aisles. With Movirack, the aisles open up only when the operator requests access. Aisles are opened either automatically by remote control or manually. The mobile bases are equipped with electronic sensors to guarantee safe and efficient operation.


  • Remote and computer-controlled storage
  • Direct access to any pallet
  • Increases the storage capacity while reducing the storage are required
  • Eliminates the need for multiple fixed aisles


Purchase AS/RS for pallets at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

The Interlake Mecalux AS/RS for Pallets is designed to provide versatility and control for any warehouse design. Fully compatible with any size pallet, racks can be single-depth or double-depth to maximize capacity.

AS/RS warehouses for pallets maximize available space in existing structures and minimize storage space by up to 40 percent as compared to traditional storage solutions. Stacker cranes designed to work in narrow aisles and nearly 100 feet off the ground provide high-density storage and automated operation.


  • Total Control over inventory management
  • Fully automated entry and exit of products
  • Integrated management software coordinates all warehouse movement
  • Fully compatible with any size pallet, the unit load racks can be single-depth or double-depth to maximize capacity


Purchase AS/RS for boxes at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

The mini load automated warehouse for Boxes is an extremely dense storage system designed to move at high speeds for increased productivity in a compact footprint. Utilizing stacker cranes, the mini load system has a standard horizontal speed of 590 feet per minute and a standard vertical lifting speed of 328 feet per minute, which improves picking times and operator efficiency.

The AS/RS for Boxes is primarily used for the storage, movement and order fulfillment of small or irregular goods in boxes. In addition to providing the optimum method for handling pick boxes, it is also designed with the basic ergonomic and safety equipment needed to perform work and maintenance operations as simply as possible.


  • Easily expandable system that can be quickly dismantled and reassembled
  • Stacker cranes maximize capacity and increase throughput while operating smoothly and quietly
  • Horizontal speed of 590 feet per minute and a vertical lifting speed of 328 feet per minute

Cantilever Racks from Modern Equipment Company

Purchase MECO products from Bremac Material Handling Solutions

MECO OMAHA manufactures five basic capacity series to fit your storage requirements, from Series 1000 Medium Duty- to Series 5000 Extra Heavy Duty.  Bremac Material Handling Solutions is able to help you pick the best product for your needs as well as install it. 


Cantilever Rack is a freestanding storage unit with horizontal load carrying arms extending outward from a single vertical column. The absence of a vertical support on the outboard ends of the arms permits uninterrupted storage of long lengths of material.

Cantilever Rack is the ideal system for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber and other long, heavy items that must be kept off the floor…provides instant accessibility to one piece or a full load. Forklift easily loads off and on arms and bases. Being modular in nature, additional arms, uprights and braces may be added as storage requirements change.

Uprights consist of a vertical column and a horizontal base which is bolted to the column.  A minimum of two uprights must be ordered to form a storage bay.  Each edge of the column is punched vertically on 3″ centers so it may be used as a single or double sided upright depending on the size of base used.  NOTE: The arms must never be placed on the back side of a single sided upright and base.  Standard upright and base color is gray.

Cantilever arms are the heart of the rack system.  Proper selection can make or break a successful storage plan.  MECO OMAHA offers straight arms (generally used for storing stable loads such as lumber, steel sheets, cartons and skids) and inclined arms (for cylindrical objects or loads that tend to roll forward).  Arms can be adjusted on 3″ centers up and down the upright and are available in lengths to 60″ in a variety of capacities.  The hair pin keeper permits instant adjustability and is easily inserted and removed for adjustment of arm height.  Lips are available on all MECO OMAHA arms.  Standard arm color is gray.


The key to a successful cantilever rack system is the answer to one question: What is the product (load) being stored?  The answer must include the  length, depth, height and  weight of the product.  Once this data is ascertained it becomes a simple matter to determine the required arms, uprights and braces.

The load must be supported by enough arms to prevent load deflection.  Deflection may cause damage to the load being stored as well as the arms (figure A1).  To detect deflection, place the load over two wooden blocks (to represent cantilever arms) as shown in figure A2.  If deflection is not present it is acceptable to use a two arm system as long as this does not create an overload condition.  If the load shows deflection use three blocks as shown in figure A3 or four blocks as in figure A4.  IMPORTANT: The load should overhang the end arms by one-half the distance from upright centerline to upright centerline.  Failure to observe this measure may cause an overload condition on the arms.

Determine Arm & Upright Capacitites

As previously discussed, each arm supports an equal amount of the load’s weight. By determining thenumber of arms per level and dividing it into the weight per level, the required arm capacity can be determined (see example at right). To determine the required capacity of each upright, multiply the number of arms per side by the load on each arm. Each arm holds 2500 lbs. Twelve arms per side times 2500 lbs. per arm equals 30,000 lbs., which when divided by three uprights, results in a required minimum capacity of 10,000 lbs. per upright. The correct upright can be selected by matching the minimum upright capacity of 10,000 lbs. with the upright capacities.

Pallet/Carton Flow Systems from Mallard Manufacturing

Purchase Mallard Manufacturing products from Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Mallard’s Pallet Flow designs are engineered to perform and manufactured to last! With custom solutions for ALL applications, from economical shallow depth pick module systems to the most challenging deep lane flow systems in harsh environments. Choose from a variety of system types to meet your unique pallet flow rack and application requirements; Full and Split Roller Pallet Flow, Heavy Duty Magnum Wheel and Skate Wheel.

Mallard is the only pallet flow manufacturer to offer a variety of speed controller capacities, uniquely designed for your product weight ranges vs a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Purchase Mallard pallet flow designs from Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Mallard manufactures the most diverse and flexible line of carton flow products in the industry, designed to handle frequent product mix changes with built-in durability for today’s busy warehouse environments and biggest storage challenges. All systems are custom designed for your unique application requirements and are adaptable to roll-formed or structural racking.

Purchase Mallard carton flow products from Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Bremac Material Handling Solutions is able to help you figure out what system best fits your needs, we are also able to install it for you.

Shelving Systems and Lockers from Penco Products

Purchase Penco products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Penco Products has become a part of the fabric of American life by building lockers for decades that last for decades. Look in any school and chances are you’ll find Penco lockers in the athletic department, field house, faculty break room and of course, lining the corridors. School lockers may be Penco’s foundation, but the spectrum of products doesn’t end there. Penco has commercial lockers for recreation centers, health clubs, hospitals, and office break rooms. We also offer a wide range of storage solutions for military, law enforcement, and fire rescue professionals.

Our powder coated baked enamel finish is tough and available in all standard colors. Body parts are finished using the same color as the doors, as standard. For quieter operation, each latch hook features a noise reducing rubber bumper. The welded doorframes utilize mortis and tenon joints and are spot welded for lifetime rigidity. Every door has a continuous door strike. All hinges are full loop, 5-knuckle design for knocked down construction and c-hinge for welded construction.

Get GreenGuard certified products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions
Purchase Penco lockers at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Commercial shelving systems and pallet storage racks are popular with warehousing and manufacturing applications, ranging from a few units to multi-tier installations.

Penco’s Clipper® and Erectomatic® lines share the same shelf and are each completely configurable for multi-tier and high-rise applications. Each shelving line uses its own custom posts and clips, making shelf positioning very easy. Both use a flush front design for posts in the face of the unit that permits full access to the width of each shelf.

Shelving systems can be designed as “closed” installations with solid backs and welded side panels, or as “open” style structures that are held together with side and rear sway bracing. In hi-rise applications where free-path man-aboard order picking equipment is used, guide rail and cross-aisle top ties can be added to guarantee structural stability.

Purchase Penco shelving at Bremac Material Handling Solutions
Purchase Penco shelving at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Automated Guided Vehicles by Daifuku

Purchase Daifuku products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Company, (Daifuku) is the leader in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Since entering the AGV business in 1961, over 14,000 AGVs have been sold to date. These AGVs can increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve ergonomics for nearly any company in any industry, including automotive, distribution and manufacturing.

Daifuku’s advanced offering of standard and customized vehicles provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. These AGVs can work around the clock to make continuous-flow manufacturing and just-in-time delivery easier to achieve. For assembly line applications, Daifuku can accommodate specific needs, solutions include Index and Dwell (I&D), Continuous Moving Line (CML), and Creep and Dwell applications.

SmartCart® Magnetic Tape/Bar Guidance

AGV’s use magnetic tape or bar as guidance technology for simple or complex systems. This allows customers to deploy solid AGV systems that can seamlessly and robustly accommodate the complex environments of modern manufacturing.

Daifuku AGVs are ideal for moving products on an assembly line or transporting goods throughout a plant or warehouse. Because they’re automatic and durable, these AGVs provide reliable and consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small parts to heavy pallets.

Purchase Daifuku AVG systems at Bremac Material Handling Solutions
Purchase Daifuku AVG systems at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Modular Offices and Mezzanines from Panel Built

Purchase Panel Built products at Bremac Material Handling Solutions
Purchase Panel Built mezzanines at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

As your company grows, so does the need for floor space and storage. Installing Steel Mezzanines in your facility can practically double your usable space.  This new level can provide you with more storage or office space, while leaving a minimal footprint on the floor below. By taking advantage of your unused vertical space, companies can reduce clutter and get the most out of their existing facility. 

Panel Built modular mezzanines are designed and manufactured to meet OSHA and IBC codes but can be designed to surpass these requirements. Panel Built mezzanines are powder coated colors, providing a greater level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications. Panel Built’s steel line fabricates fully custom modular mezzanines and stair systems to your specifications- with custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials, and landings. With a consistent emphasis on quality and structural integrity, we craft every one of our steel mezzanines 100% to customer specifications.

Purchase Panel Built mezzanines at Bremac Material Handling Solutions
Purchase Panel Built mezzanines at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Prefab Offices Create Space Solutions When and How You Need Them

Panel Built’s prefabricated office provides a controlled space that is designed to fit your specific needs. With a growing and changing business, space needs can change rapidly, and our binder post, prefabricated office system allows you to address space needs in a moment’s notice with minimal disruption for the facility. With all of our projects, we strive to make the construction process entirely convenient and problem-free for our customers. With over 20 years of experience in the modular construction industry, Panel Built, Inc. has the expertise and know-how to provide the perfect solution to your space needs.

Reusable, Movable, and Expandable Prefab Office Design

Using our flexible panelized office systems, your prefabricated offices offer flexibility for your facility’ future. The structure can be pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility on a forkliftable, steel base, which on arrival to your facility, only needs to be anchored in place and hooked up amenities. This design allows for the building to be easily relocated to another area or reused for another purpose altogether! Additionally, our traditional “knock-down” is designed to be easily expanded upon or uninstalled completely if your company is relocating to another facility.

Purchase Panel Built prefab office spaces at Bremac Material Handling Solutions


Purchase custom conveyor systems at Bremac Material Handling Solutions

Choosing the right conveyor system is critical to the success of your automated material handling system. Conveyor systems are typically used to transport materials for long distances while reducing operational costs and improving safety. Systems include various types of transport and accumulation conveyors along with: merges, inclines, declines, spirals, scanners, diverts, and sorters. Floor conveyors can be utilized for various types of products, from small and light to full pallets, while overhead conveyors are configured for specific types of units depending on the application.

The typical conveyor system is a fixed path that optimizes the labor required to move product, provide accumulation as a buffer, and protect the product from damage due to excessive handling and improved operator safety for bulky or heavy product in warehouse and manufacturing applications. Flexible conveyors can be used independently or in conjunction with fixed conveyor systems.

Peerless Chain

We stock chain, rigging supplies, hooks, cord, and wire ropes. We can special order to meet your needs as well.