Our Mission:

We provide valued solutions that solve your material handling needs. We fulfill our mission by challenging ourselves to go further; to build customer relationships; and to gain strength through our suppliers. 

When one door closes, another opens. Marcus Hootman worked with another material handling company for 15 years. When they decided to close their doors at the end of 2021 he and his wife Mackenzie decided to start their own material handling company. From there Bremac Material Handling Solutions was created. Why Bremac, it’s a combination of their kids’ names. Marcus and Mackenzie are passionate about providing clear and concise communication with all their customers and vendors, along with superior customer service.

Mackenzie Hootman, Owner & Office Manager and husband Marcus, Owner & President

They hired Shane Behounek to head up sales and have three highly trained guys working in the warehouse and doing installations. They know the demands of their customers, which manufacturers in the supply chain can provide the best products and how to work with both to deliver high quality material handling solutions.

Image of Shane Behounek, Sales Representative at Bremac Material Handling Solutions.
Shane Behounek, Sales Representative
Image of three men standing in front of pallet racking. Kelvin Hootman, Jared Fetter, and Brett Wilcox, Installation Crew at Bremac Material Handling Solutions
Kelvin Hootman, Jared Fetter, and Brett Wilcox, Installation Crew